Los Veneros Resort Residences & Beach Club


Health & Security

The region surrounding Los Veneros enjoys a healthy economy and stable political system, and as such, crime is not common, but we always recommend using common sense. As well, special Tourism Police are on hand in central Vallarta to provide assistance and directions. For anyone concerned about the recent news of escalating violence in Mexico related to drug cartels, please be aware that the vast majority of this has taken place in either the border towns, or rural towns near Mexico City—all areas that all are over a thousand miles from the greater Puerto Vallarta region. In fact, the Puerto Vallarta area is known for having one of the lowest violent crime rates in the country, and the state governments of Jalisco and Nayarit work together continuously to keep both their citizens and visitors safe.

The region boasts a selection of modern medical services and facilities available, with four US-standard private hospitals operating in the Puerto Vallarta area. Ambulance and air-evac services are available. The area is growing in popularity for elective medical treatments including dental and aesthetic medical services.

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